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What's New? Reading Two Papers Simultaneously

"Reading papers is surprisingly enjoyable with ChatPaper!

Xu Cui, Ph.D, Stanford University

"Just finished reading a paper and I was astounded by the results! ChatPaper is an absolute must-have for beginners and experienced researchers alike. Those who want to make reading papers easier should definitely give it a go; it can improve productivity by threefold!

Yangming Wang, Ph.D, Professor, Peking University

"ChatPaper allows you to drag and drop a document, which is very convenient. When you come across unfamiliar words, you can directly select them for instant translation. The speed is fast and the translation is accurate. It can also help analyze the highlights and limitations of the article, as well as the experimental techniques adopted, and so on. It is very useful, highly recommended!

Rani Zhang, MD, Peking University

"As a researcher, reading literature is a fundamental skill, essential for everyone from beginners to experts in the field. ChatPaper is an incredibly helpful assistant for researchers. It not only provides explanations for unfamiliar concepts in the papers, but also answers any questions you might have about the article, such as its innovation, methodology, and more. This makes daily literature review both efficient and engaging, akin to having an experienced expert guiding you through the reading process!"

Xiaomeng Pei, Associate Research Fellow, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

"This tool is amazing! I just read an entire paper quickly. It's incredibly efficient.

Dr. Huang, Hengyang Normal University

Simple interface, rich features

Term explanation, AI Q/A

Interactive Chatting

If you're confused about something in a paper, just ask ChatPaper! They can help you understand the main points, drawbacks, and any other things you need to know.

Startup Questions

You can set some questions in advance. When you upload a paper, ChatPaper will automatically answer these questions for you.

Reading Two Papers Simultaneously New

ChatPaper allows you to select two papers to read at the same time, making it easy to compare the similarities and differences between the two.

Term Explanation

When we're reading scientific papers, we sometimes get stuck on certain terms or acronyms. It's a hassle to have to open another window to look up the meaning of the word. But with ChatPaper, all you have to do is select the word with your mouse and it'll give you an explanation. This makes reading a lot more efficient.

Reading New

When you select a paragraph or a term, you can choose to have ChatPaper read it out loud in standard English. This can deepen your understanding of the paper and terms, and also improve your English. Below is a sample:

The hemodynamic response measured by Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) is temporally delayed from the onset of the underlying neural activity.


Select some sentences or a paragraph and ChatPaper will translate it to your native language.

Citation Location

ChatPaper will often give you page numbers that are relevant to your questions. Just click on the page number and the PDF will take you to the paragraph you need to find the source quickly.

Support for Multiple Languages

You have the option to select the language in which ChatPaper responds. Opting for your native language can facilitate quicker comprehension of the paper.


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