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You just had a great, innovative idea, but it's still vague. At this time you want to discuss with a knowledgeable expert, but there is no such person around. Plus, you also want to keep it confidential. So, you have to keep reading the literature, but it takes a lot of time.

Stork now offers you such a knowledgeable expert who can brainstorm with you anytime, anywhere. This is the advanced feature called "AI Creative Abstract". He is based on the world's most powerful AI, is knowledgeable and has read articles with hundreds of billions of words, including massive encyclopedias and scientific papers in many fields (biology, medicine, psychology, physics, chemistry, materials science, humanities, etc.). You only need to write your vague idea into a sentence or a few keywords, and he will make your idea concrete and present it to you in the form of an abstract.

For example, I have an idea to use the hyperscanning technology to study the neural mechanism of deceptive behavior between humans and their pet dogs. I know that no one has done such an experiment before, and I don’t know what the experiments and results will look like. So I want to brainstorm with AI and see what he can come up with. The sentence I entered is: Deception between human and pet dog, an fNIRS hyperscanning study

Within one minute, he presented me with an abstract:

I attach this abstract below:

Interactions between humans and their pets are an important part of our everyday lives. Dogs are known as sensitive and loyal companions. The present study investigated the neural correlates of deception in dogs and their human companions. Hyperscanning was used to investigate the activation of the left temporal pole, the right temporal pole, and the right prefrontal cortex in dogs and their human partners during a cooperative communicative task in which the dog had to deceive its human partner. Dogs and their partners were equipped with near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) hyperscanning caps to measure concurrent changes in oxy- and deoxy-hemoglobin concentrations in the temporal cortex. We found that when dogs looked at their human partner, activation was observed in the left temporal pole, the right temporal pole, and the right prefrontal cortex, whereas activation was not observed in the human temporal pole or the human prefrontal cortex. Our findings suggest that human-to-dog deception may be associated with increased activation in the right temporal pole and the right prefrontal cortex, whereas dog-to-human deception is associated with increased activation in the left temporal pole and the right prefrontal cortex. Our findings may provide new insights into the evolutionary history of human-dog communication and the role of the temporal pole and the prefrontal cortex in social cognition.

This abstract is inspiring. The first two sentences are introductions with clear logic and can be used if I write the paper later. Then AI wrote the aim of the experiment and the brain areas to be scanned. The results of the experiment follows, listing which brain areas are active. Finally, the significance of this research is briefly discussed. We understand that some statements are not facts, but the abstract still provides a lot of ideas for future research and potential results. In addition, AI can generate multiple abstracts based on the same input (each abstract is different) for us to compare and evaluate.

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The example above shows that Stork's "AI Creative Abstract" can help researchers:

  1. Concretize a vague research idea
  2. Envision potential research results

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