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PubMed is the best literature search engine in the field of biology and medicine. Millions of doctors, professors, students and other researchers search PubMed everyday to find new articles, reviews and news related to their interest.

However, PubMed is in English only!

To better service researchers and doctors in other countries, we developed this feature. We support more than 100 languages.

You can specify your keywords in English or your native language. The keyword will be translated to English automatically. The result is shown in both English and your native language.

When you click an article, you will also find the abstract translated.

You might ask, is the translation done by human or computer? The answer is artificial intelligence powered by deep learning. Both titles and abstracts will be translated.

Please note, the search result is identical to PubMed. The only difference is that the title/abstract is translated.

How to use?

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