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Have you ever felt running out of words when writing papers? Or, do you want to find some literature to support your opinions? In order to solve this problem, Stork offers an advanced feature called "Sentence Sea". "Sentence Sea" is a huge sentence database with the following characteristics:

  1. Contains hundreds of millions of English sentences (and growing)
  2. Data sources are scientific papers and grant applications
  3. update every month
  4. fast Search


Benefit 1: Enrich your writing with example sentences

For example, you want to write a sentence that means "fNIRS is a non-invasive imaging technology", but with richer content in standard English. You can enter "fnirs non-invasive imaging technology" and click search. Below is the screenshot:

As you can see, Sentence Sea returns thousands of sentences with richer information, sorted by relevance. The original papers which contain the sentences are also listed. For example:

Functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) is a fast-developing non-invasive functional brain imaging technology widely used in cognitive neuroscience, clinical research and neural engineering.

This sentence not only shows that fNIRS is non-invasive, but also lists the fields where it has been applied to. By clicking the source, you can also read the original paper. After reading a few sentences, you may combine and paraphrase them and use them in your own papers.


Benefit 2: Find literature to support your opinions

For example, you are writing a paper on internet addiction among young people, and you want to find a few citations to support your opinion that "Internet addiction is prevalent among adolescents". Enter this sentence and here are the results:

The sentences above support your opinion. The 5th one even shows the percentage.


Benefit 3: Compare two technologies

For example, you are writing an article about fNIRS (a technology for measuring brain activity). If you want to find the advantages of fNIRS compared to the classic brain imaging technology fMRI, you may search "compared with fMRI, fnirs":

The sentence in the screenshot above enumerates the four major benefits of fNIRS: cheap, portable, more motion-tolerant, and can be used in a naturalistic environment.


Benefit 4: Find the disadvantages of a technology

For example, if you want to find the shortcomings of fNIRS, you can enter "however fNIRS":

The sentences above list the shortcomings of fNIRS: low spatial resolution, only covering the surface of the brain, etc.

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