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More and more researchers submit their manuscripts to preprint databases such as bioRxiv and medRxiv before submitting to a regular journal. They do this for two reasons: (1) their research results will be published earlier; and (2) it's a proof that they are the first doing the research in case other people copy their ideas. For us, if we subscribe to these preprint databases, we will understand the latest scientific progress 5-6 months earlier than others.

For example, if we enter the keyword "fNIRS", then the alert emails we receive daily will include preprint papers. Below is a screenshot of the email:

These articles have just been published. If we have to wait until these articles are published in regular journals, it would take an average of half a year. For some top journals, the waiting time is even longer due to the tedious process of review and revision.


Currently, the preprint databases covered by Stork include bioRxiv, medRxiv and arXiv.

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